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Profile CD

Our new album is now available. Featuring our trademark sound on some traditional, semi-traditional and completely non-traditional songs. To buy a copy come and see us perform or contact us via the site. Give your ears a treat for only £12 including UK P&P or ask about discounts for bundles including this CD, and our other albums Counting The Days and 'Round the Globe.

Profile was recorded throughout 2016 and is the culmination of years of work. We love it and hope you do too!


Track List


  • Meet Me On the Corner - One of the most played folk songs on the radio, it's always our opener
  • Diggers' Song - A garden-based protest - all the best ones are!
  • Factory - Our version of a wonderfully under appreciated Bruce Springsteen number
  • Wabash Wizard - A fun wild west inspired mashup that is one of our most requested songs
  • Sleepy-Eyed John - Evokes the dusty highways of the southern half of the USA
  • Row, Row, Row, Your Boat - Featuring guest vocals from some passing kids; this is the Bagpuss classic for a new generation
  • Louie Louie - Our version of this classic song won't get investigated by the FBI - you can hear every word!
  • The Wild Goose - A beautiful traditional song mixed with something more contemporary
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps - They said a song about a guitar couldn't be done a cappella - you can decide if they were right!
  • Mad World - One of the most iconic songs of the 1980s gets The Skeptics treatment - a real showstopper
  • Dixie Wailin' - The best funeral song ever heard on kids' TV - this is a cult classic. Have a listen here
  • Space Oddity - Our tribute to the late David Bowie, with added effects!
  • Ladybugs' Picnic - What better way to end an album than a counting song about bugs telling jokes?

Skeptics News

Our new Christmas CD, Counting The Days, is now available! Find out how to get your CD here or download/stream it from all good online music stores including

AmazonSpotifyApple MusicGoogle Play & Napster

Exclusive updates are available for those who like us on Facebook so head on over and say "Hi". ​

Don't Forget: The second Monday of the month is our singing session at The Bell in Adderbury. It's a fun, friendly night where anything goes.

Upcoming dates are as follows:

  • November 12th
  • December 10th (Xmas Party)
  • January 14th
  • February 11th

Any singers/vocal groups/choirs who might also be interested in joining in can simply turn up on the night or contact us.

We had a wonderful time at Bunkfest 2018, with two trips on the boat and sets at the Dolphin and Le Clos being the highlights. And of course, a huge thank you goes to everyone who attended our workshop. Here's to 2019!

Our first studio album, Profile and our original live album, 'Round The Globe are still available. If you want to hear songs from Bowie and Bagpuss all done in our special "folk-fusion" style then now's your chance! 

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